Pay Per Click PPC a Review

Name: Pay Per Click.

Price: The payout ranges from a few cents to a few dollars per click, depending on the type of niche market you are in. 

Owners: Bill Gross
Overall Rank: Excellent

Pay Per Click, Product Overview

●   Used to direct traffic to websites through an ad on the internet.

A general overview of what this product is.

4 Pay Per Click Tips

Pay Per Click is a fantastic way to earn money online today.  I will try to save you the homework and research by doing it myself and giving it to you here.

Projected  2015 and beyond PPC profits are to be higher than usual.  Mobile ads have performed better than expected. Larger than originally planned investments have grown tremendously as of 2015 going forward.

The winning PPC formats were Text Ads in the lead followed by Remarketing and Mobile Ads.  More are planning to spend a larger amount on AdWords and Bing ads.

Paid search PPC Ads particularly in the form of text ads, deliver great results and Rank consistently high within spending priorities.


Tip # 1.  Be prepared

Set up everything right before you dive into Pay Per Click.  **Show them Here

Tip # 2.  Take Action.  Make sure there is a good reason for someone to click your ad.  When trying to get a searcher to click your ad, place your phone number in there.  Some may not be ready to buy but they may be ready to call you.

Also, double check the accuracy and spelling to be 100% accurate.  A small error can turn away potential buyers.

Tip # 3.Link to the Right Page

 Since every click costs you money, be certain to guide buyers to the appropriate landing pages.

If your ad talks about stereo equipment, but it clicks to your homepage then you’ve wasted time of your audience and money too.Most people are not quite ready to purchase yet when they first start their search.  Give them information to go on by “showing” them how it all works.  This will spark the sale.

Avoid people simply just visiting your site. You want them to to arrive and be a contact or lead also.  

This is why your ad should ‘almost’ never click to your homepage.  Seldom does it get the exact information that people are looking for.

Tip # 4.  Track Performance of Your Keywords.

You will see patterns form in your ads as you go.  Spend your budget on PPC Keywords.  This causes good results on your investments.This may require shifting from one ad or keyword to another.  Watching your paid search ads might involve changing up or altering as you go.

This is not about counting the amount of clicks that a keyword gets.  It is about seeing the impact and results of your sales.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

PRO #1- You can budget as you go setting your own budget.

PRO #2- Whatever your willing to spend you can you can set a certain amount to spend when bidding for keywords.

PRO #3. Once your limit has been reached when paying for a website The ad can be removed for a time you choose according to how, often your ad is clicked.

Pro #4.  To make sure your page or website can be seen, PPC is a really good way to do this.  Whether your ads are clicked or not, if your ads are on the first page of google they will still be seen in the search engines and others.

Pro #5.  Using an advertisement on a website can also create popularity and exposure of your business name too !

Pro # 6. Having the choice to select an audience by your own location is another great reason to choose Pay Per Click (PPC) ads.

PRO #7.  Your specific keywords  can have offers and bids much easier.  Also, obtaining clicks from clients that you can see are potentially yours.  Say you live in Texas and click on an ad.   A Texan probably will not click on a New York restaurant. Make sense ?

Pro # 8. You can run your own Pay Per Click ads on your own website.  Many keywords are connected to your hyperlinks and can guide your customer to one of your pages.  Even cause a click on an ad you might pay for but at the same time, getting paid yourself.

The Bad:

CON #1. Clicking on an ad from a customer is not 100% guaranteed they will become a buyer.  Whether or not a client meant to click on your ad or not you still have to pay for there click.

CON #2.  These days, click fraud is a reality. Continuous clicking can occur from others until the link to your ad has used up it’s money and your ad disappears.  Clicks on your ad accidentally can occur so figure those into your budget.

CON #3.  It’s expensive to bid for key words using search engine results.  How general or narrow a key word is important.  More experienced older businesses in the top rankings can cause bidding wars sometimes.  Search engine results can be expensive when bidding for keywords.

CON # 4.  If you shut down your PPC ad after a month from low amounts of traffic, then you really haven’t given it much time to succeed yet.  Please be patient for it takes from 3 to 6 months for successful PPC ads to take a hold.

CON # 5.  SEO or search engine optimization and proper use of keywords can be overwhelming at first.  Learning these concepts are not necessarily a negative thing but in the beginning can seem like a lot.  Just starting out ? Learning these tools is best when you find what works for you.  

Who is Pay Per Click For ?

The targeted audience is the one looking for your specific keywords.  This benefits the client who is looking specially for what you are offering.  Also benefits you due to your ad placed at the top of the google pages where it it will be seen.

PPC Pay Per click Tools & Training

An Introduction to Pay Per Click (PPC) Training – 2012 Edition

Pay Per Click PPC Support

The support offered with the product.  There is a community at Wealthy Affilliate with personal support, and the owners Kyle and Carson support it.

PPC Pay Per click Price

Google receives approximately $0.04 cents for every click.  You get 50% or more of that depending on the amount received by google.

My Final Opinion of PPC or PAY PER CLICK
PPC is a great way for your website to be seen on first page of google.  Also, clients searching for a specific topic with targeted keywords are a better candidate to click and buy your offers. 

Pay Per Click PPC at a Glance…

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Owners: Kyle and Carson
Price: $0 Starter Membership (get free account)
Overall Scam Rank: 99 out of 100

VERDICT: LEGIT.  Very legitimately tested and researched tool by many affiliate marketers. Excellent way to create money online.

A video on SEO vs. PPC


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SEO VS PPC: Which Once Should You Be Using?


How to Make Money Online Personal Experience

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Overall Quality



  • Great way to Make Money


  • Needs Time
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