Scam Alert

 Is Making Money online a Scam ?

This will be a page to alert you
of the scams that guarantee success.  Sort of an education to
see the safe approaches to online success.

  1. Any up front money required ?  Run away.  It is almost always a scam.  Usually explained it is the cost of training.  This is mostly a lie.
  2. Promises of a dream and overnight success.  Hopes and dreams of being rich without much effort is a scammers trick.  Scammers use You and your hopeful, trusting emotions of wishes for future success.  In reality simply imaginary in nature so they may profit.
  3. What is in it for them ?  Do they say you can earn $1,000 a day ?  They are luring you into their ‘web’, excuse the pun.  Their aim is to get a ‘registration fee’ and make THEM rich.  Do not do it.
  4. How are they making money ?  The only way they may be legit is if they require you to make some money in order for them to succeed.  If they do not require you to make money for them to succeed then they are a scam.
  5. If they are urgently requesting a fast response within a short period of time then run.  Things like “we can’t keep this online forever so buy-now” Or “you have only a few hours to make your choice” sometimes with a countdown timer then run.
  6. If you order the scam they sometimes give you some instructions on how to run your own scam.  Careful ! this can open up legal issues and your account can be investigated and stopped.  Run away.


Scott and Max

Scott and Max

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