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Posts are a big problem to understand for me.  Should only my landing page be a post and the rest pages ?

Here is a question I asked my friends here at Wealthy Affiliate and how they helped me out !

When to use a page and When to use a Post ?

Some sites that are excellent resources for questions: for you.


  1. What is the best way to make money online without getting scamed?
  2. Is Dreamweaver easy enough to use if you are a beginner building websites ?
  3. What’s the best place/program/website for building websites ?
  4. Joomla users or anyone else who has working with building websites ?
  5. How to earn money by building websites for clients.
  6. I’m looking for a legitimate, no money up front, part-time, work from home job, know of any ?
  7. What’s that Amazon service to work from home / get home based workers ?
  8. Does Affiliate Marketing work ?
  9. Does anyone know of any Affiliate Marketing work ?
  10. Calling Affiliate Marketing gurus…….?
  11. From W.A. External Links in my Posts – Should a newbie in wealthy affiliate go with a personal niche or do The Bootcamp lesson ?
  12. Do the Bootcamp or your own personal niche ?
  13. How to make money online.
  14. How do I improve my Website ?     I get about 5000 visitors a month but barley any sales my website any advice would be great.           
    ninjazrbPremium Top 100 Follow Meabout 6 hours ago
    There are two big things you need to fix.

    The first thing is that your page load time is extremely slow. This is going to drive some impatient people away immediately.

    The second and most important, is that your website is totally unresponsive to screen size. This makes things get chopped off and requires the user to scroll side to side. This makes trying to view and read your website very frustrating.

    It’s a great website and if you fix those two things, especially the second, I think you’ll find that things go very well for you. Good luck!

  15. Found my niche and started building website but TOTALLY LOST
    Premium Top 502 months ago

    Please read the following so you can get some help:Then try what I suggested in there to get answers to specific questions. 

    And please keep in mind this is a business so it’s not something that happens quickly. It can take months before you see a dime. So making money in the next month or so without building your site and writing content is unrealistic. But in time it will be.
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