Webmaster Tools ~ A Review


An Easy Explanation On Webmaster tools

Free Google Webmaster Tools Video Tutorial         Onlinehttps://youtu.be/O4vaDEE6PZI

Google Search Console

Name: Webmaster Tools
Website: howtoomakemoneyonline.com

Price: Free 

Owners: Scott Beattie
Overall Rank: Excellent

Webmaster Tools, Product Overview

  Allows you to analyze features on your websites with (SEO) Search Engine Optimization to obtain information on the status of your site.

A general overview of what this product is.

  • What keywords are used to find your pages and how well they show up with a google search
  • Crawl Statistics
  • who is linking to your pages
  • which pages are they staying on


The Good & the Bad

The Good:

Pro #1 – Easier to Manage Multiple Sites

Pro #2 – Ease of Navigation

Pro #3 – Visually Cleaner and attractive

Pro #4 – User friendly gateway to interact with


The Bad:

Con #1- Monitoring site speeds over time

Con #2- The way the service reports errors

Con #3- Data is not updated but once-a-day


 Who is Webmaster Tools For ?

       Webmaster Tools is for anyone that has a website – bloggers, online stores, educational sites etc.
       Needed is a Google account, Gmail, Adwords, Analytics, Igoogle or any like this.  Sign up for a free google account.

Webmaster Tools & Training

If you haven’t added your site to Webmaster Tools then log in to Your Google account and visit the Webmaster Tools website or go to a beginners explanation to Webmaster Tools:
Google Webmaster Tools  The Basics Explained


Webmaster Tools Support

The support offered with the product.  There is a community at Wealthy Affilliate with personal support, and the owners Kyle and Carson support it.


 →An Introduction to Webmaster Tools Training 

Webmaster Tools Price → Free

My Final Opinion of Webmaster Tools
       Great source for detailed reports about your pages’ visibility on google.  Which good keywords to use and Good site traffic and information.

Wevmaster Tools at a Glance…

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Website: www.WealthyAffiliate.com
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Price: $0 Starter Membership (get free account)
Overall Scam Rank: 99 out of 100

VERDICT: LEGIT.  Very legitimately tested and researched tool by many affiliate marketers. Excellent way to create money online.