How to Make Money Online Personal Experience

Making Money online with Scott and Max

Making Money online with Scott and Max

How to Make Money Online Personal Experience

Wealthy Affiliate Review

An observation Up-Close Price:  $ 0.00  Beginner Membership.
Zero future costs unless You choose Price: $0 Starter Membership (get free account)

Overall Ranking : Excellent

Overview: 98 out of 100
Support:   98 out of 100
Tools:         95 out of 100
Websites:  96 out of 100  

Member: myself Scott                                                                  

Who’s This is For:  Newbie → Expert               


ALSO,  →  How You Can Benefit from W.A. 

Introduction to Wealthy Affiliate

How to make money online from home IS possible !  I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate about 6 good years now.    How to Make Money Online from Personal Experience has a ton of simple Tutorials and Lessons.  This is an educational site with Friends in this Community to guide make money onlineyou every step of the way.  Including Me !   I bursted onto the Wealthy Affiliate Scene similar to what you may have done in your curiosity and research for a better way.

A passion to find something over & above the ordinary. Something exceptional out there other than our current career or job status.  An easy way to earn money online free in a fun way without any up-front money or scams.  It boils down to us giving you 2 Free Website areas to build your own into a profitable business.  There are No stupid Trial Periods.  You join when/If You Want to.  It works !  Many members constantly tell there stories here about there Successes.  Also, easy ways to get money online are here for the taking through Wealthy affiliate in my personal experience.
It is called Wealthy Affiliate and I assure you from personal experience it is as legit  as your most loyal friend.  It is an Active Online Community. For there are literally thousands of friends in chat to answer any question you may have.  Including me.

Let’s look at some of the Pros and Cons of Wealthy Affiliate before diving in:

Pros and ConsPros and Cons


  • Vast levels of training
  • Video training
  • A Clean Spam Free Environment
  • 2 Free Websites
  • Incredible Hosting for these sites
  • Tutorial Training
  • Courses and Classrooms of many levels
  • Thousands of Community members to help you
  • $0.00 absolutely Free Membership


An Astonishing amount of information to Discover.  (Possibly alarming and overflowing for some)

Who is Wealthy Affiliate focused on ?

Anyone interested in Discovering new ways to make money online.  All levels of entrepreneurs and marketers from no experience right up to the seasoned pro desiring to kick it up a notch or two or three.

Wealthy Affiliate in a Nut Shell

Wealthy Affiliate is more a group of individuals like you and me rather than just another website.  If spamming is your thing we are not it.  Looking to earn money online, getting together with personal business partners, offer help and receive help from others and learn a bunch from countless professionals at Wealthy Affiliate ?  Then Welcome, you are home.

Also too, I will always be here to answer  your questions.  These are precious to me.  I love explaining what I know to individuals like you.  Anything I have absorbed in the 2 plus years here, feel free to ask.  I enjoy it !

→Exactly What Sort of Work Will I Be Doing at Wealthy Affiliate ?←Internet Marketing

Most everyone’s question is “What sort of work will I be doing at Wealthy Affiliate to make money ?”  There are literally 100’s of ways that are taught here to make revenue online.  I can simplify these for you to understand how it all works.Wordpress

There are basically Two options you can do when you join.  Follow any interest of yours from clothing to electronics or wBlog Social Mediahatever.  Or, go for the pre-designed program formulated here for you to follow in our Bootcamp Educational routine.  Both are involved in the breeze and ease in making your very own websites !  I read and see Success stories on making money online every day here at Wealthy Affiliate !


Wealthy Affiliate Courses and Education

This training is very thorough, well put together and Up-To-Date.  Every step is guided for you at most any level of experience.  From the very beginner to the seasoned expert.  Upon entering your area for members, you’ll be with all of us in the interaction and activities of the community.

SO, in essence, this is for Everybody.  Any stage of experience, all areas of all people.  I commonly use my cell phone or any device to access Wealthy Affiliate.  The internet is everywhere for you to build your business, get training, or receiving help within Wealthy Affiliate.

Providing Help and Assistance For Your Success

Tend to wonder who is going to help you in your online efforts ?  We Will !!  Wealthy Affiliate gives you the best support compared to anything on the world wide web.  We are a community of friends who help friends.  Its like googling something and getting your answer from friends.  It’s the same with W.A. everyone.  SO, here in chat it’s like googling your friends when you type to real people.

When you join through me, I will follow you right away and you will be able to network with me personally.  I refer to it as sort of a hangout.

We even have a Friday night live webcam chat session.  This is called a hangout.  Purely optional with or without a webcam.  Get involved Or just watch us talk without being seen.  It’s your choice.  You can pick up tips and tricks about making money online through our live discussions.

Affiliate Marketing

Money from your Laptop

Sometimes we get off-track and kid around a bit.  Its a relaxer fun session way of learning  and absorb a little key information too !  Whoever wants to get on their webcam and chat will visually see that we are real people on this site at Wealthy Affiliate.


This will be about How to Make Money Online with No Cost.
You will not be asked to come up with any money after a certain time period.

Purely Your choice to choose one of these Options:

  1. Starter Membership:  $0 ( Join Here )  

2.  Premium Membership: $47 per month Or $359 per year ( Join  Here )

$0 or absolutely Free is true and gives you some excellent benefits.  Immediate access to the Wealthy Affiliate helpers and friends.  Live chat is yours, over 500 training areas, 3 Classrooms, Networking, Commenting, 2 Free Websites, a Keyword Tool and so much more.

Honestly, The Best online starter membership service going.

This is Premium

An exclusive All-In-One package for anyone desiring an online business career. Most of the extra tangly details are already taken care of for you.  An all inclusive package meaning the annoying details are weeded out for you.  Such as hosting fees, keyword tool fees, website builder fees, hired help cost, endless internet searches that sometimes are not exactly what you want, acquiring the training You Want.  These are “no worries” within Wealthy
Affiliate Premium at a single low price when you’re ready.

If and when you decide to dive into premium with Wealthy Affiliate, you will never look back.  Guru books, expensive online success courses, or Internet scams disappear for the correct materials are all here.  All that you need is here.  Even 1-on-1 knowledgable help from experienced “hands on” Real People.  Yes folks, we are living, breathing people just like you. 

We eliminate your risk of getting scammed entirely if you decide you want to become a Premium member.

My Ultimate Opinion + Special BONUS

Just try it for free as long as you like for $0 with certain features and see what we’re about. Then, if you like us. Go For It !  If you have complaints just tell us.  Kyle or Carson will get in touch with you within the first hour.  Just one promise from you to set up your account.  A walk through is offered  for you upon joining.
Join Wealthy Affiliate, it’s $0 (Free)!

Claiming Your BONUS made simple

After your FREE Starter Account that you join for as long as you like, there is a bonus offer if you decide to go Premium later.   A 59% discount can be yours within the first 7 days of joining the Free one.

By the way, there is no cost to you if you go beyond 7 days without joining Premium .  This is your Free membership.  It’s just an incentive or savings motivator to go Premium within 7 days, that’s all.

When you create your account on the Free trial option, Kyle or Carson (owners) and myself will warmly greet you on your profile here saying “Hi and Welcome”.  Also, they will give you more information on WA, how to get help from them, and claiming your bonus.

Believe the honesty when I say you’ve been missing out all these years once you realize the inner workings inside of Wealthy Affiliate.  Some things you’ll get with the Bonus:

  • classrooms
  • training modules
  • courses

    make money from home

    Make money from your Laptop Anywhere

  • videos
  • live classes
  • your private messaging support
  • access to 100% higher affiliate commissions
  • expert help

Summary and Rundown :                                                               _________________________________________________

Name : Wealthy Affiliate
Sales Page URL:
wners :  Kyle & Carson
My Overall Ranking:  98 out of 100 points
Read Real Testimonials: READ REVIEWS

Wealthy Affiliate Bar Graph


Here again are my tabs at the top for easy access you can quickly go to from here: →Getting Started
How To Make Money Online
Building Websites For Profit

How To Sell On Ebay

Great Appreciation if you leave your personal review or experience of Wealthy Affiliate below.  Questions ?  Luv to hear Your Comments  below.  Any feedback is highly recommended !  Thanks

Scott ~~ Online Money Makers

How to Make Money Online Personal Experience


How to Make Money Online Personal Experience






Overall Quality



  • Great way to Make Money


  • Needs Time
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